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Photo District News Wedding Issue

The new Photo District News Wedding Photography issue is out, with lots of good info and advice on the latest trends on shooting the Big Day. What it won’t include is this youtube video of the Happy Couple or the unhappy snapper




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Wedding photographers might have a few words to say about good planning. However the big trend in the wedding photo genre is the Behind The Scenes stylee, inspired not least by cellphones with cameras and instant social sharing.


Taking fast snaps or film, uploading to websites, gathering round our screens looking at stag night or hen-night pictures while enjoying pre-dinner champers, what we want from wedding-day photography is changing. The movie the Hangover famously resolved the plot for the participants. Photojournalism has already made a mark on the day, introducing documentary to a traditional genre as in this image which leaves enough background detail to widen the story of the image.



New digital cameras made that feasible, never mind movies. So will our love of the multimedia, networked smartphone change the wedding photo again? Does the traditional Wedding photograph feel too staged or is it an essential part of wedding day ritual?  Weddings demand ritual, and styling and design are part of that. Professional photographers bring an eye and a sense of narrative. But what’s certain is that how we document the big day is shifting with new technology. Tell us your unusual wedding photo stories.




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