VW’s Photo Theft

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Volkswagen campaign by agency Red Urban Canada featuring photos taken by the Jetta
A new campaign by Volkswagen in Canada encourages passers-by to steal ‘art photos’

Promoting the 2012 Volkswagen Jetta, agency Red Urban Canada mounted a series of Pop-Up art galleries across Canada featuring long-exposure photographs taken by the Jetta.


The photos play with the conventions of car photography. “Light streaks are so much a part of car photography, explained Christina Yu, ECD, Red Urban Canada to Strategy magazine, “that we wondered if we could use slow shutter photography and the New Jetta GLI to create ‘performance art.’ Not only did we capture the Jetta’s performance, we also captured the light streaks on camera with no CGI trickery. It required a bit of innovative thinking on our part, but for a car like this, it just didn’t make sense to fake it.”


The framed photographs were loosely attached to the wall, encouraging fans to take the work, and VW Canada have been asking the photo-thieves to take a shot of the work in situ and share it on the VW Facebook page. It highlights the esteem consumers have for photographs, to the extent of stealing them. Literally a case of ‘stealing beauty’.




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