Top Five Primate Promos


With a launch of a new ad in the UK for classic biscuit range, Jammie Dodgers, starring two monkey puppets, we thought we’d look back at some classic primate moments in advertising and music, from the unnerving Basement Jaxx to the simian vigilante of Trunk Monkey. IMSO Primate

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Created by VCCP, shot by Roderick Fenske of Hungry Man

Jammie Dodgers versus Toffee Dodgers. The nightmare of indecision. I’m so hungry I’m hallucinating.  Voices in my head. It’s two monkey puppets. One jam. One toffee. Anxiety, desire, monkeys. Classic urban alienation.


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Bruno Mars The Lazy Song, original promo.
Evolution hasn’t quite reached the American Suburbs yet in this promo for Bruno Mars. 


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Directed by Juan Cabral for Fallon London advertising Cadbury’s chocolate.
Phenomenally successful, just a matter of pulling together the right ingredients. Phil Collins. Chocolate. A Gorilla on drums…OK, just who writes these briefs?
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Classic Basement Jaxx promo directed by Traktor.
We heard the band’s rider was an unlimited supply of bananas and nuts, which they would throw at the roadies while screeching manically. 


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Trunk Monkey by Suburban Auto Group
No more winding round mountain roads, no more picturesque landscapes symbolising freedom, the Trunk Monkey oeuvre revolutionized car advertising overnight. Almost. Ok. Not at all. But a cult advert ahead of its time. The original and best, though the monkey pediatrician in Trunk Monkey 4 ran George Clooney close. For the full 10 part series click here

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