Top Five Ice Cream Promos

The current promo for The Battles single, Ice Cream,  inspired us to some research and yes believe it or not, the ice cream music promo is a genre of its own
Dir: Canada. Click on image to play
1. Ice Cream, the new music promo for Battles is truly the Knickerbocker Glory of music promos: candy coloured, sprinkled with graphic detail and when it begins to melt a bit messy at the end. It’s made by the director’s collective Canada, who just to confuse you, are based in Barcelona, Spain. Battles, on the Warp records label who are known for the attention they give to visuals, previously worked with Director and Photographer Anthony Saccenti to create the visual vertigo of their promo Atlas.
[yframe url=’′]
Dir: Saam Farahmand
2. New Young Pony Club. Ice Cream, Cake, Candy, it’s a diabetic’s nightmare.
Dir: Stephane Sednaoui. Click on image to play
3. Directed by the multi-talented Stephane Sednaoui, who was a Fashion model, Photojournalist, Director. Life on the road in an Ice Cream van. Sweet. Then it all goes a bit Jackson Pollock.
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Dir: Matthew Cullen
4 Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg. A Sugar Daddy laid low by Whipped Cream and Gummy Bears.
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Advertisement for “Luv” the “Pop Ice Cream”
5. Bowie plays guitar in this 1960s advertisement for a groovy ice cream brand.

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