Top 5 Meisel Provocations


Super-snapper and near-recluse Steven Meisel has some heavy previous

when it comes to provocative stories. So his latest excursion into

dangerous territory, snapping strangely normal-sized women for Vogue

Italia, prompts us to dust down our archives.


Please post your own favourites, but the Top 5 Meisel stories that

raised our temperature are, in a deeply considered order arrived at by

scratching our heads, the following:


Steven Meisel

1 Madonna’s Sex Book, 1992. Enough to put you off Madonna and sex, so definitely his greatest service to global issues. Out of print, but you can pick up a first printing for around $200 in its sealed sleeve.




Steven Meisel

2 The Vogue Italia shoot with models enjoying plastic surgery, 2007. Funny or sick?



Steven Meisel

3 The Vogue Italia shoot that was seen as inspired by swine-flu, 2009. Appeal, may depend on if you caught it or not.


Steven Meisel

4 A fantastic superficial glitzy response to the Deepwater oil spill, Water and Oil, Vogue Italia 2010

Steven Meisel

5. “State of Emergency”, Vogue Italia 2006. A comment on post 9/11 loss of civil liberties. Failed to sell the attractions of Airport Security uniforms.

Four out of five are joint credits with Franca Sozzani, SM’s patron at Vogue Italia for 20 years and still there for the story on weirdly normal women in the current issue. Never mind Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington (the duo whose sparring lit up the documentary on American Vogue, The September Issue), it is the Sozzani-Meisel story that is the creative relationship we really want to get behind.

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