Top 10 Webby 5 Word Speeches

Webby Award

Five word speeches at Webbys. If only decks had the same rules


At the Webby ceremony last night nominees and winners including National Geographic who won for Best Use of Photography picked up their awards. Winners were given 5 words to thank colleagues, spouses, parents, teachers, and a random man they once bumped into on the street when they were broke and told them they would make it to the top, go to lavish award ceremonies where they would get five words to… Anyway here are 10 favorites in no particular order.



1. Best Use of Photography: National Geographic – Webby & People’s Voice: “Our lens knows no boundaries!”


2. Best Visual Design – Aesthetic: – People’s Voice: “A picture’s worth five words.”


3. Best Navigation/Structure: – People’s Voice: “Shoes, conveniently sold in pairs.”


4. Magazine: National Geographic Magazine Online – People’s Voice: “Why not five photos instead?”


5. Entertainment – Handheld Devices: This American Life for iPhone – Webby: “will this ceremony ever end”


6. Martin Cooper, inventor of the mobile phone, for his Special Recognition Award: “Can you hear me now?”


7. Groupon CEO Andrew Mason: “It’s short for group coupon.”


8. Peter Vesterbacka, creator of Angry Birds, for Webby and People’s Voice Awards: “Get those pigs!!!”


9. Games: Lego Star Wars III – Webby: “May the force be with.”


10 Television Boardwalk Empire – Interactive Boardwalk – Webby: “It’s legal now, bottoms up. ”





And in five words: “look, information technology stock photos.”


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