The Top 10 Magazines. Delicious.

Cover of Food Network Magazine. Successfully making readers salivate.

Adweek released their Hot List, compiling the 10 most successful magazines of the year. And when it comes to imagery,  it seems Pancakes beat Beefcake

Adweek’s Top 10 list:


1. Food Network Magazine

2. Marie Claire

3. Elle Decor

4. Wired

5. GQ

6. People Style Watch

7. Cosmopolitan

8. Rolling Stone

9. Bloomberg

10. Vanity Fair


The criteria are built around: income which includes ad page, ad revenue, newsstand, and overall circulation, growth. Plus a “measure of influence” built around  social media, press impressions and search engine results. And finally quality which they measure as “the number of edit pages, Web traffic, awards, and other reader satisfaction benchmarks.” Who would have thought Food Network magazine with a with an image of pancakes on the cover would beat the beefcake of Vanity Fair’s Rob Lowe ?



And the design leading Bloomberg Business magazine with a cover image of a chicken?



Food for thought.





That Food Network Magazine make you hungry? Why not sate yourself with our food stock photos?


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  1. You mean besides the tonnes of health and celebs mags that seem to show homogeneous pictures of bikini babes or guys with 6- 8- or 12 packs, each thinking that theirs is the winner?

    The last Empire mag I bought had Iron Man on it. Can’t beat heavy metal.

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