The Simpsons’ Birthday: Family Images In Sitcoms


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The Simpsons celebrated being 500 episodes old, a lifetime few would have bet on for a cartoon about a dysfunctional suburban family. But hey, what is the image of the perfect family? Celebrating a benchmark moment in visual culture IMSO picks out a few milestones in sitcom families

The Simpsons

With a humour that walks the dark side and never missing an opportunity to deflate myths, this opening title sequence by Banksy pokes fun at the labour practices of international companies.

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The Waltons

President George H.W. Bush said America needed to be less like The Simpsons and more like The Waltons. Unfair to both, as both The Simpsons and Teh Waltons offer rich versions of family life.

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The Cosby Show

The cool kids from Brooklyn. Aspirational in a way The Simpsons isn’t, it was criticised for portraying a limited slice of black culture but simultaneously praised for breaking racial stereotypes

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The Roseanne Show

Blue-Collar family values, the rough and tumble of a working class family trying to make ends meet.

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Modern Family

Another example of family life as well-meaning chaos. Captured the spirit of the times or…..

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…at least the spirit of producers who let them parody themselves

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