The Padalog: Fashion Re-Invents Shopping

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Using photography, clients and designers are creating a whole new mix of editorial and shopping on the iPad.


Fashion retailers are spotting a new opportunity on the iPad revamping the old style catalog and turning it into a truly photographic experience with big images and supplementing it with video and music and 3D.



Alison Loehnis, vice president of sales and marketing for Net-a-Porter told The New Tork Times that their iPad app, downloaded 120,000 since last summer, was in effect their magazine app. Loehnis told the Times, “Our site was founded on the desire to create a fashion magazine that you can shop from, and this whole notion of literally being able to move things around on the page and slide things into a shopping basket and touch things with your fingers the way you would do in a magazine is really a dream come true.”


Net-A-Porter iPad App



The emphasis according to Loehnis is on creating a fashion magazine you can shop from, while other retailers like the app format because unlike websites it puts a premium on the presentation of their products rather on price, which is often the case with websites. And retailers love the fact that people are using these magazines for leisure. Steve Yankovich VP of eBay Mobile told the Times that most transactions take place between 5 and 11 pm, when people are winding down after work and having a cocktail or two –“that’s beautiful, we like that, it’s good for shopping.”


Though it’s still early days for the iPad and other tablets, all the indications are that whereas the web evolved out of a very basic text form, the iPad’s default starting point seems to be pictures. The padalog is just one example. And the need to make those pictures look exactly right. The age of the iPad may create an onrush of photographic creativity.



Net-A-Porter iPad app


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