Tearsheets: Sons of Anarchy




Image Source Art Director Christina Dittmar deconstructs a recent promotion for US Television series “Sons of Anarchy” to find a symbolic reference to 90s grunge.

Sons of Anarchy is a television series about the raucous lives of a close-knit motorcycle club, a disjointed family, an unharmonious brotherhood. This poster visualizes the narrative and emotional depths of  the series in a single image. Layering an army of concepts into this one picture – tension, protection, struggle, closeness, angst, worry and darkness, it’s all a part of their story.  The construction and tone of the image suggests the subjects  are one moving entity. It emphasizes their rivalry but glues them together as one. The movement and connection emphasises both the brotherhood and its internal struggle. When I first saw this image it looked like the center of an early 90s mosh pit – which fully captures the spirit of the show.


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