Tarantino Meets Toytown

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Is Tropical promo, The Greeks, directed by Megaforce
Music promo The Greeks by video directors Megaforce causes controversy on the web with its mix of kids playing with guns and animated gore. Thought-provoking or mindlessly provocative? Be warned, it’s not easy viewing 


Out barely a week and over 1 million views for a video promoting Is Tropical’s new single The Greeks. A comment on the ugliness of civilization or gratuitous computer generated violence? One commenter says “This needs to be a legit genre of film…seriously. The style is so fresh and gnarly. It’s like Who Framed Roger Rabbit meets Grindhouse Productions.” Lord of the Flies meets Scarface. Directed by Paris-based Megaforce who have just signed up with The Director’s Bureau, it’s provocative, childish, violent, unpleasant, wanton and imaginative in its unrelenting commitment to a single idea.  The simple addition of graphics externalize what goes on in kids’ heads. 


Paradoxically the obviously fake animation feels more real than conventional special effects. You find yourself simultaneously recoiling from the violence and looking at the luminosity and textures of the animated blood spilling from the kids’ bodies. Some have found it nauseating, aesthetically interesting but without a philosophical point. Similar objections have been directed at Tarantino in the past. The Director’s Bureau website says the promo echoes the directors’ upbringing on the estates of Paris. A genuinely challenging piece of work that deserves consideration, whichever side of the fence you land on. Brilliant or Brutal? You decide.


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  1. i find this dichotomous, “blah meets blah” attitude to be kinda wearing.

    also, i thought this was a review: is there a verdict, evaluation or rating?

    however, some reasonable points made and the quoted comments are worthwhile reading.

    what’s with the “Lord Of The Flies Meets Scarface” anyway? of the selection of “blank meets blank”s available this seemed completely out of place. Lord of the Flies because it’s children, and Scarface because of the drugs? some more imaginative references or exposure to the reasoning behind this, please. the only excuse for something like that is a parody article.

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