Superbowl Weekend: Top Sports Stock Photos Concepts


An american football player holding a football

Image Source/ Corbis RF Sports Stock Photos

It may be Superbowl weekend, but American Football images play out the whole year round expressing a range of ideas that sit with broad marketing messages. Check out the most popular Sports Stock Photos Concepts

Sports Stock Photos are incredibly versatile for any kinds of comms, they express a range of hard-hitting ideas. Below are some of our top-selling concepts in our Sports Stock Photos collection


Football Player

[Image Source/Corbis RF Sports Stock Photos]

American Football may be a team game, but in the trenches it’s a series of individual battles that are an exercise in sheer will, standing toe-to-toe with your opposite number, no flinching. Popular in communications around Business Services (‘going the extra mile for you’) it visualizes the language of no-nonsense, never-give-an-inch, my-business-will succeed.  When the going gets tough, the tough stare you out.


Guys relaxing

[Image Source/ Fancy Sports Stock Photos]

Strangely enough, the sport in which a Running Back crashing into you is the equivalent of getting hit with over 4,000 pounds of force, Football also signals close friendship. Go figure? It’s rituals around the game, hanging out, beer, snacks, it’s the language of shared experience, of time-out.  Just forget that the last hit on your team’s receiver was the physical equivalent of being hit by a bull.


Football Player

[Image Source/Corbis RF Sports Stock Photos]

Buried deep down in every middle-aged executive is a reflex that responds with warm nostalgia to the memory of high-school sports, and the Coach. In reality, coach may have been a coach with all the charisma of a burst football. In middle-aged memory, Coach was the Obi-Wan-Kenobi of sports psychology. In any case, the popularity of sporting metaphors in business seminars has made images of the Coach a winner for any business communications.


Father and son with american football

[Image Source/IS2 Sports Stock Photos]

Sport + Family = Legacy.  Images of parents playing sport with their kids pushes buttons for many businesses but if you’re in Financial Services, selling pensions, this is the sweet spot.


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