Superbowl Means Snack Ads


Image Source. Megan Stancavish.  Food Stock Photos

The Superbowl always has one key moment, a moment of supreme physical effort, intense ambition and ultimate desire – yes it’s Snacktime. We thought we’d celebrate this celebration of sporting achievement and timeout snacking by looking at 5 unusual snack ads

Cubist Snack Mash

Before Wallace and Gromit, before Chicken Run, Aardman animations made this surreal angular 1950s/Cubist mash for UK brand ‘Skips’

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Dumb and Dumber

Doritos have an armlock on Superbowl snack visuals. Here’s the classic fortune-telling spot from 2009. Their ads outmuscle Diesel in the Stupid stakes.

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80s Snack Stars

Current UK snack spot featuring two 80s icons Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham.

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Baby Snacks

Weird. But sometimes the truth is weird, like adults who sometimes behave like kids, and that strange man with the ping-pong ball head who’s always in restaurant kitchens? Or am I just imagining it.

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What’s This Ad For?

Effective frequency. How many times do we need to be exposed to a piece of advertising before we get the message. Stewie and Brian from Family Guy argue. What was it they’re selling?

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