Street Artist Sneaks In Gallery Show

Promo for Art in the Streets show. Under surveillance. Click to play

A major exhibition on Street Art at MOCA Los Angeles, discovers some extra exhibitors in unusual places

What makes “Street Art” so fascinating at the moment is its blurring of lines: between being an outsider and becoming mainstream; between raging against the machine and becoming a ‘goto’ aesthetic for skate/surf/sportswear brands; between the large scale aesthetic of the street and the compacted design required for objects like skate-boards. And the boundary between the street and the museum. But the one essential characteristic of the street artist is to improvise a space, find a prime spot for your communication, which is what Becca Midwood did. Midwood, whose work is in the collections of Leonardo Di Caprio and Leonard Cohen amongst others, had been pulled at the last minute from the Art in the Streets show at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. So Midwood did what any self-respect Street Artist would do and found a space for her work – in the women’s restroom.

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