Still And Video Combo. Spooky.

Still from Publicis Brussels spot for reporters Without Borders

Mercedes, and Reporters Without Borders, use QR Code technology to animate print ads


Advertisers are exploring new combinations of still and moving image, reports  Martina at Adverbox. Scanning QR codes (Quick Response barcodes) on smartphones is increasingly used by advertisers in magazines and newspapers to add a moving image element to basic information. QR codes used in TV Guides enable viewers to see trailers, but advertisers are also trying out more playful combos. Like this spookily effective ad by 140 BBDO for Mercedes demonstrating acceleration, with an impact not wholly unlike the famous ‘dolly zoom’ effect in Jaws.



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And again the spot below, by Publicis Brussels for Reporters Without Borders fighting against press censorship, has a strangely surreal quality created by the contrast between well-known image and the speaking lips of journalist. The still image is animated to great effect. It remains to be seen whether this multimedia collage will catch on, though QR codes are popular in Japan and South Korea. Perhaps it’s just too spooky to be emotionally engaging as a form of communication? Or does the strange combination enhance emotional engaement. Certainly attention-grabbing, and at the very least it opens up new thinking around playing with still and moving image.


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