Steadicam Chicken Director’s New Movie

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Jeremiah Warren Wide Angle Camera Mounted On Firework

What’s more exciting than actually watching fireworks? Watching the world from the end of a firework via a wide angle lens. Motionographer Jeremiah Warren experiments with fireworks. Don’t try this at home kids


Remember when you were a kid and you would whirl round and round then fall over and watch the world spin round? No? It was just me then, but watch this video made by Videographer/Motionographer Jeremiah Warren with a camera attached to a firework and you get that trance-vision feeling.


Part Jackass, part art project, this curiously satisfying and hypnotic visual perspective has advertising potential. Stick a product/brand at the end of a video like this (lawn-mowers, matches, hangover cures), and you have a compelling brand experience.


Other classic Warren movies include Chicken Powered Steadicam Comparison (it’s as chicken-headed as it sounds, but no less compelling for that) and Goat Opens A Door, a moving story of one goat’s struggle for recognition in a human-centric universe.


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Thanks Michael Lebowitz


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