Sleeping Face Recognition and Beautification


CREDIT: Sleeping man. Stock images by Image Source.

New cameras with new modes: photograph a sleeping person without rousing them from their slumber, or give a friend a digital nip/tuck…


Canon’s new line of ELPH cameras have a Sleeping Face Recognition mode that turns off the flash, assist beam and sounds when it detects that you’re attempting to photograph someone sleeping. As you do. Arguably worth having, as one among many modes, but perhaps the kind of gimmick better left to an iPhone app.


Olympus’ new VR-340 has a Beauty Make-Up Mode that offers eighteen in-camera ‘enhancements’. If you know someone, a friend, say, who is somewhat … unprepossessing … you can do them a favour by whitening their teeth, shrinking their double chin or erasing the bags under their eyes with your digitised make-up and plastic surgery kit.




Via PetaPixel.


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