Sara, Peter, Tobias: The Merge



The Copenhagen collective of Sara Brincher Galbiati, Peter Helles Eriksen, and Tobias Selnaes Markussen, 3 years on since their initial debut project ‘Phenomena‘ and now winners of the BJP International Photography award of 2018 present their work at TJ. Boulting.


The Merge – imagery to question our reality; parallel worlds; technology in disguise; broadcasting, robots and the cosmos – a simulation of human existence.

The Idea of Perception


Understanding the boundaries of self exploration and our connection to ‘reality’ when guided by technology.

A cross-dimensional selfie in the work ‘Parallel Words’ – what will people do to get that perfect representation of themselves? I’d ditch the selfie stick and clone myself, personally.

The stark realisation that people in South Korea simulate their death, in the piece titled ‘Happy Dying’ – you lie in a closed casket in the dark for 10 minutes. People have used it as a form of therapy for terminal illnesses, mental illness and as a means to appreciate life fully.

Exploring ‘The Idea of Perception’ with the Azoth Pyramid a looped biofeedback and brain entertainment model designed to stimulate in a similar way to meditation, except that you’re plugged into a machine and your brain begins to create an LED light pattern.

And back once again to South Korea to understand the 300k followers who watch youtube star Iluliy eat food.

Happy Dying


Technology, imagination and escapism.


‘Improving Life’ – the classic stock business handshake only new and improved, with robots! Stock2k.

Improving Life



Do you think we are programmed to think the sunset is beautiful?

Programmed Beauty


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