Robert Palmer vs Hurts

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Robert Palmer Addicted To Love

The Hurts promo gives a twist on the Little Black Dress of 1980s classic ‘Addicted to Love’


In the 1980s it was the look that gave women an almost hypnotic, seductive authority with a breed of office-slick Stepford Wives. With such power dressing you wouldn’t dare to whisper “you aren’t actually playing that guitar are you?”It was reported that the models in Addicted To Love were instructed by the video’s director, Terence Donovan, to dance like showroom mannequins. That they did.


Interestingly, Donovan was better known for his fashion photography shooting for the likes of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar which is perhaps why he also chose such a rigid almost claustrophobic shop window style studio set.


In 2011 the look (and indeed the sound) has been revived but with different connotations and, indeed, a different director. With similar styling the look is now arguably less iconic but has been tweaked to reflect more of a slick high-end fashion shoot than a statement.


However, this time, the look has resurfaced with a video Wonder Life by Hurts, directed by Dawn Shadforth, who was originally a sculptor before becoming a music video and documentary director. Instantly you can see from watching the video how this has influenced her work… the striking architecture and the angular poses of the models. Less mannequin more Rodin’s The Thinker in motion.


What other 1980s iconography are we likely to see revived in music promos that haven’t been done already?


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Hurts / Wonderful Life



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