Return of Super 8

iPhone Screengrab

New film for Polaroid cameras, Instagram, and now Super 8 as an app. Why does everything look like 1973?  Where’s my chest wig?


In yet another Great Leap Backwards you can now get an app that makes you realise 2011 looks a little too perfect, and would be improved by a few scratches.  You may be surprised to know that Super 8 is not the first retro-film app. TUAW point out 8 mm and Silent Film Director have been there before.  Super 8 however is current because it is in effect a marketing tool created by Paramount for the upcoming JJ Abrams movie of the same name. And at the moment it’s free.  So why not grab one, invite some friends around for a fondue party, stick some Johnny Mathis on your 8-Track, and get filming.


Thanks TUAW


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