‘Retro’ Footage Sells VW

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VWEOJ1HV8w&feature=player_embedded’]
DDB for Golf
Dodgems, tank tops and lens flare for Volkswagen’s trip back in time

Lens flare and home movie retro drive to the rescue in DDB’s ad for the VW Golf Cabriolet. Evoking childhood days of summer, as it would need to be in the UK to drive a roofless car, the spot has the Instagram feel of the moment echoed in the soundtrack by The Kinks.


Some of the film looks like genuine period, 1970s home movie footage, this “tank-top” nostalgia is pushing consumer buttons. The variety of film textures and looks is fascinating, some clearly reconstructed, some probably reconstructed, some of it looks like found footage. Reminiscence sells.




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