Photographer’s Eye: Thorsten Henn


Thorsten Henn

I started photography when I was 18 by doing an apprenticeship with a local advertising photographer in Germany (where I was born). A few years later and after some traveling, I decided to broaden my knowledge by studying and finishing my Master’s degree in photography.

I started working as an advertising photographer with my own commercial studio in Iceland – which lasted for 12 years. The travel bug struck again and since 2010 I concentrated only on producing travel and adventure content for the creative industry. I travel about 10 months a year – home is a duffle bag.


What websites/blogs/people do you draw inspiration from?  Who do you follow on Instagram? 

There is not a specific person or website I get my inspiration from. Usually I search the web for places I am about to visit. Google is a good source of visual ideas since it shows images that are not only taken by professionals. Another good source is Pinterest. That combined with browsing through magazines, books and having an open mind helps me finding my personal view on things. Blogs – especially travel blogs are great to collect information about how to get to places and possible difficulties but offer seldom good visual references. When it comes to Instagram – I am a bit of a visual vacuum cleaner. I might type in a certain # and find myself an hour later still browsing through images. There is no one in particular that I follow as I want to keep my photographic style unique.

Do you shoot specially for any travel brands?

I have my favourites but don’t restrict myself to a specific brand. It really depends on where I am going or what I am about to shoot and adjust my gear to it. In general I like to keep my gear light and obviously durable.

What would be your ideal travel commission?

Anything that is adventure travel related. No matter if it is climbing mountains, traveling by motorbike, ocean kayaking, camping in the desert or hiking through the wilderness. I feel more at home in the outdoors then in a 5 star hotel – though I don’t mind staying in 5 star hotels once in a while.

Tell us about one of your more recent adventures.

The most recent adventure was an 8-month motorbike trip through South America. This trip has been on my list for a long time and I finally made it reality. It covered so many different climate zones and different landscapes and last not least different cultures. The motorbike became one of the main focus points on this trip and opened doors to meet local people and other travellers alike. On a 8-month journey through a whole continent you find so many different subjects to shoot – as long as you keep an open mind.

Do you have a visual diary of your adventures and/or a favourite shot?

Everything I shoot is becoming automatically a visual diary since I submit the images in a a chronological order. On my last adventure I started to write a blog as well – just to process all the experiences.  When it comes to favourite shots – my goal is to shoot better images today then I did yesterday so my favourite image will possibly be shot tomorrow.


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