Photographer’s Eye: Juri Pozzi


Juri Pozzi

Juri shoots for Image Source as part of a collaborative group called Arno Images.

He’s commercial photographer and educator with 15+ years of experience. He is based in Florence, Italy but he is often traveling to places where food has unpronounceable names.

Website: ,

What websites/blogs/people do you draw inspiration from?  Who do you follow on Instagram?

I spend most of my free time reading about photography, I have a long list of blogs that I check daily, some of my favourite are , , , .

On instagram I follow so many talented photographers mostly about travel portrait, and food, it’s a huge source of inspiration, I would like to name @brahmino, @_foodstories_ and bokehm0n but there are so many.

What camera do you use on your shoots and what’s the back-up?

I’m not very brand loyal; over the years I have used Nikon, Olympus/Panasonic and now I shoot with a Sony A7rII and A6500, each one has it’s strength depending on the subject of the shooting.

Please can you take a photograph of your kitbag, highlighting your favourite item, why you like it and a time when it has saved you! #everydaycarry


This is the kit I use most of the time. Depending on the shoot I select the best items that fit in my Domke messenger bag, I don’t like backpacks unless I’m hiking.

I don’t know which is my favourite item but my favourite feature is a weatherproof system of camera and lenses, I often shoot in very bad weather, dusty places or steamy hot springs and I don’t want to worry my gear would die in my hands.

I love drone photography and video, being able to see things from a different perspective is very exciting.

I’m doing a lot of timelapses and the new small motorized slider iPhone controlled by Edelkrone is a lifesaver for my back.

What are your preferred lenses to use when shooting; low-light, high-speed, portraiture and landscapes?

I almost never use zoom lenses, I love the control and quality of prime lenses, for the typical lifestyle and portraiture shooting I use a 35mm f/1.4, 55mm f/1.8 and 85mm f/1.4 they give me perfect control of depth of field and I can shoot in any light condition. For landscape and night sky I use most of the times a 14mm f/2.8 on full frame and a 12mm f/2 on APS-C but I like also two zoom lenses like 16-35mm f/4 and 70-300 f/4.5-5.6

What would you recommend as a good point and shoot under £500?

I’m in love with prime lenses so probably I would buy a very small mirrorless like Olympus E-M10 mark II or Panasonic GM5 with a small and cheap prime. If I have to choose a more typical point and shoot I really like any Sony RX100 and Panasonic LX10/15.


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