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Corey Jenkins

I am a 24-year-old advertising photographer and videographer based in Miami. I mainly shoot sweaty people on sports and fitness based jobs.


A shot of a single object that expresses a powerful memory/event?

It was actually an iPhone photo I took of a 737 cockpit. It was my first travel job as a photographer and it was a pretty big one pay wise. This was one of those stepping stone career jobs I will always remember and this photo helps symbolize it.

Three books that have inspired you?

This sounds bad to say but I don’t think I’ve read a complete book since Holes in middle school. Haha.. I’ve read plenty of magazines and photography manuals though! I guess I’m not one for words on paper. On the other hand, I’m a big fan of movies. My top three would be Black Hawk Down, Wolf of Wallstreet, and Goodfellas.

Favourite photo you have taken?

“My favorite photo is the one I take tomorrow” I’ve heard a few photographers say this quote and totally agree with them. We are always on a chase to create something new that pushes our boundaries. I have some favorite shoots but not one photo in particular

We’re interested in the weird and wonderful commissions you have worked!

I’ve been working with Adidas team for the last year on different training shoots and these have been some of my favorite so far. The creative for the shoots is very much inline with what I like to shoot and also very relatable for me playing / training for sports my whole childhood.

Everyone on set is dedicated to creating a good product and things are done the right way. The crew is always fun and we get to work with pro athletes which is what I wanted to do since I started out in middle school.

In the earlier days of your career what types of photography jobs came your way?

I actually shot a lot of stock starting out! I always wanted to make myself as busy as possible and continue to grow my skill. If I wasn’t shooting any client work I would put together stock shoots as fast as possible. I think this is a great way to start out and earn income / experience as a new photographer. The commission shoots I would get were all over the place. Some were huge shoots and many were for smaller start up brands.

Have you ever had any really obscure requests that you turned down?

Hmm don’t think I’ve had to say no to much for being obscure. I get a lot of wedding requests which I always turn down though. Weddings aren’t my “passion”. I think you have to know something well and be able to relate to it to be good at shooting it. I like to watch Football instead of wedding planning shows, etc, etc.

What has been the most outstanding production you’ve worked on, how did it come about, who where you working with; and where was it?

Recently my favorite production was an NFL Training shoot for Adidas. We shot it in Los Angeles with a pretty big crew. I think there were two motor homes, 3 cops, The 20+ normal production people, NFL Films, and some great catering. I got to work with some of the top players in the league. Some of which I grew up watching for years. The location was fun to work with and we got to get creative with the movements in different pockets of light. I was recently in the new NYC Adidas store (go check it out) and got to see some images of the shoot that were printed out 10ft tall which was pretty rewarding.

Did anything go wrong; does anything ever go wrong, what’s your plan B?

Things always go differently than planned! Part of being successful is knowing how to adapt and the only way to get good at that is shooting in a lot of different situations. This shoot worked pretty well though! We planned for overcast all day but the sun did come out pretty hard in the afternoon. We had shiny boards for fill and found interesting hard light patterns which helped make the typically “bad light” work well. I did get blasted by sand from being too close to Adrian Peterson making a quick cut. Everyone was laughing as my face / camera was completely covered in sand. I think that lens went in for repairs as soon as I got home.. haha

What would be your dream job?

No clue! Honestly it could be any job, it was my dream to make a living as an advertising photographer and now it’s happening. #blessed #thankful or whatever the kids say.

What do you have set for this year, anything we should know about?

I’m gearing up for a few travel jobs over the next month to Tokyo, NYC, California, and Iceland while trying to finish up a personal video project in Miami. You can keep up with me on Instagram @coreyjenkinsphoto


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