Photographer’s Eye: Anna Bizoń


Anna Bizoń

The brain and mother of Gpoint team. Her photographic style is influenced by her marketing background and emotional connection is key to her work. She loves to keep active, travel often, meet new people, experience culture, religions, and to explore the history of places, understanding their traditions, and tasting great foods. Her latest love, except her husband, is her dog, which gives her the extra excuse to explore the great outdoors on their walks.

A shot of a single object that expresses a powerful memory/event?

Every photo shoot is different and brings a new experience for me, due to the different scenarios, people you work with, and the environment. I love working with people, they keep me motivated and energised for each production.

 Three books that have inspired you?

It’s hard to pin-point specific books, I’m looking for inspiration in real life: emotion, behaviors and the needs of my family, friends or pets. I’m also following other talented photographers, looking at their visual narrative, their point of view and experience.

Favourite photo you have taken?

The last shoot that I did for Image Source, a couple in cafe. I think is very authentic, you really feel the bond, connection and love between those two people.

Can you suggest 3 visual trends for 2017? 


People and Technology

Simplicity of colours/patterns

Why do you think clients are looking for this type of content?

Stock photography, like any industry is constantly changing and evolving to meet the desire of consumers. Authentic emotion and subjects that reflects real life are going to be desirable. Customers are keeping away from heavily posed images, with fake smiles, the cliches in the same old location . There’s been a big surge in photos of groups of people taken up close during everyday activities. They want to feel that the people shown in the images are real, whatever they are doing. Their emotions should reflect the presented situation and that moment of their life. These photos are more genuine and make you feel as though you are right there in the moment.

Looking at one of the trends you suggested more closely, why do you think this will be popular?

People and Technology – it constantly needs refreshing. Smart devices are all around in every aspect of our lives – work and daily life, moreover technology is changing very fast. Now most of people can’t imagine life without mobile devices. That set trends of our lifestyle. We live in on-demand culture, don’t wan’t to wait – we can order food within 5 minutes via internet or buy anything from the other side of the globe.

How will you incorporate this into your stock productions and why will it help?

It’s an important part of my work to follow trends, I need to be constantly updated on technical topics, fashion trends, popular events etc., to produce valuable content.

Lifestyles are constantly changing: social media, internet, tv these have influence on us and our clients.  Businesses try to meet needs of customers finding new solutions, improving services, raising the quality of products and so we must do the same with our images.  As new technology is becoming an integral part of our lives, we must produce content to meet these needs.

What search terms and concepts do you think will trend in 2017?

Customers that search for authentic images with People and Technology as a key trend will most likely be looking for these terms: mobile phone, selfie, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, texting, unfiltered, woman + technology, community, real life.


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