Old TV And New Ads Mash

20th Century Fox Television. See the ad, and screen, inserted into the background

A fantastic mix of product placement and new technology has meant old TV shows get new ads


Nostalgia TV and re-runs just got a refresh thanks to media company SeamBI which inserts new ads into old TV favorites whenever you see a screen on the show. Entertainment Weekly reports on company SeamBI (Seamless Brand Integration) which is inserting adverts into US shows such as Bad Teacher, How I Met Your Mother and My Name Is Earl. Sometimes even inserting the TV screen with the ad on it, into the scene.


SeamBI’s Roy Baharav told Entertainment Weekly that this is only the beginning, brands of cars can be switched, and new product placement, “Everything is designed in such a way that it’s going to feel natural, we’re not going to risk any integrity of the content.”


Potentially highly profitable but one wonders just how seamless it can be? Apple ads in re-runs of Bewitched or Hawaii-Five-O in the design style of Paul Rand? An ingenious new design mash of past, future, and the never-was.


Thanks Adweek


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