Old Spice Man On Beer

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Tom Kuntz for Hahn Beer
Directed by Tom Kuntz, the director of the Emmy award-winning  ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’, for Old Spice swaps After Shave for Beer in his lexicon of the male mind 


Anthropologists would argue that male needs are fairly simple: food; shelter; and beer. And Tom Kuntz is pretty much the go-to man for ads delving into the shallows of male preoccupations. This ad by Publicis Mojo in Sydney for Hahn beer amps up some essential iconography of the 1980s masculine psyche to the synthesiser soundtrack of Knight Rider: Body Builders; Hong Kong martial Arts movies; a De Lorean kitted out with oversize wheels (?); kick-drum filled with beer; a beer fountain created from sports trophies. 



After-Shave, beer, what’s the next sector for Kuntz’s dissection of the male ego?


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