No Photographers For Olympics

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The creatives asked to create a poster for the 2012 British Olympics and Paralympics encompass every kind of artist, from those who use elephant dung to those who make beds. An incredibly eclectic mix excpet for one glaring exception – no photographers. The campaign to get a photographer on the list starts here


The list of people chosen to deisgn the poster for the 2012 Games is impressive: Fiona Banner; Michael Craig-Martin; Martin Creed; Tracey Emin; Anthea Hamilton; Howard Hodgkin; Gary Hume; Sarah Morris; Chris Ofili; Bridget Riley; Bob and Roberta Smith and Rachel Whiteread.


Painters, Sculptors, Drawers, creators of installations, artists who use elephant dung, who turn the lights on and off, artists who make beds, who paint dots. But there is something missing. People who take photographs, with cameras. In the age of the cellphone camera, of social networking, photography is the medium of connecting and sharing, it is our most popular art form. But that, it seems, had no relevance to the selection criteria.


The list of artists chosen is highly-considered, which makes it even odder that there is no photographer. What is the problem with photography? Was there no photographer who was deemed good enough? Or is it not a proper art form? It is really quite astonishing that despite major art galleries and institutions opening up their spaces to photographers, the default position of the arts establishment it seems one that just doesn’t consider photographers as part of the A-Team. The campaign to get a photographer on the list starts here, so pass on to your friends and let us know which photographers you think should be included




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