Nike iPad mag: Sport or Fashion?

Images from Nike’s 1948 iPad mag

Nike’s redesigned East London store and iPad magazine may be wiping away its sweaty sports heritage and heading into cooler fashion territory


Nike’s 1948 space/shop relaunches in East London after a re-design. 1948 is a nod to the last Olympic Games in London. The website pitches 1948 as:


“1948 is about what comes next for an alchemy of roadside, courtside and trackside visions.

It’s about revelling in a culture clash.

It’s about the constantly shifting space between art and athleticism.

It’s about a rhythm between mind and body.

It’s a place for progressive product.

It’s about self-improvement and enlightenment, movement and movements, and defiantly opposing the static.



Nike have always been very precise about defining sport in their own terms, with words and pictures. Like in these ads.


Wieden + Kennedy


Wieden + Kennedy

This ad was specially created by Nike just after The University of Oregon lost a big game. Nike have a special relationship with the local college football team, the strapline compliments the team on the style of play, while also spurring them on to improve.


Whether it’s running shoes or Futsal, Nike have been hugely successful in carving out an image of sport as self-definition. The heroic imagery and attitudinal copy locks on to the experience of ordinary kids, and men and women who try to get a little better at what they do everyday. Feeling a little heroic helps as you struggle for the last mile or find that extra space in a Futsal game.


Their sports photos and words are lean and mean, like the image of Rafa on the cover of their 1948 iPad magazine launched on 30th June. The tone of the 1948 About Us is more Fashion than Sport, so it will be interesting to see where the 1948 iPad mag pitches itself. Sweaty Sport or Fashion Cool?



Sports Stock Photos from Image Source.



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