Most Title Cards In Promo History

[vimeo clip_id=”25045542″ width=”600″ height=”385″]
Animator Travis Hopkins is not on strike. Far from it

Animator and designer Travis Hopkins creates a speculative movie promo. You have to see it to believe it. And then you still won’t believe it


This promo may or may not have the most title cards in music promo history, but we do have one question. What are you doing Travis Hopkins?! You have way too much time on your hands! Hopkins has put together a speculative music video for hip hop band The Legendary Buck 65. All the lyrics of the song are visualized with what looks like found footage and mock movie title cards. And this is just the first verse.


It’s the creative equivalent of running an Ultramarathon, a mix of bravado, discipline and mad obsession. As poster, Ben Morse says on Hopkins’ Vimeo page, “This is insane. So many excellent ideas.”  Too which we can only add, so many genres, so many fonts, so little time.


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