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UK Sunday Newspaper cover: The News of The World

With the UKs biggest-selling newspaper closed down, a slideshow of covers is a reminder of what sells on the news-stand – including this incredibly ghoulish, or astonishingly banal, image of Michael Jackson’s deathbed


The big story in the UK last week (and increasingly in the US given Rupert Murdoch’s global media companies) was the closure of the UK’s biggest selling newspaper, The News of The World, following a phone tapping scandal. A slideshow on its website gives a flavor of the kinds of stories, typography and images on its front page that lead to the sunday newspaper being bought by over 2.5 million people.


Big bold typeface, sometimes white out of black, mostly told of adultery, drug-taking and the misdemeanours of celebrities, the compelling photograph rarely took centre-stage on the cover.  Except for covers such as this picturing Michael Jackson’s bed on the night he died.


The image is a model what the newspaper promised – to give the reader the inside track. In reality it’s often mundane – in this case Michael Jackson’s bedclothes pulled over. An image and headline suggesting some secret knowledge and insight but in reality is a a picture of an unmade bed. A testament to the power of headline and photo.


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