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An extraordinary piece of research, insight, imagination by Des Traynor at The Intercom Blog discovers some strange parallels between Android phone names and condoms. It may change the way we keyword our stock images of mobile phones

Naming a brand or a product is a minefield, with names such as the Chevy Nova sounding like “it won’t go” in Latin America, and even Nike launching their Black and Tan sneaker on Saint Patrick’s Day, the name having unfortunate associations for Irish people.

But what are we to make of this analysis by Des Traynor on The Intercom Blog which shows a pattern of naming Android phones that also happen to be names of condoms. Is this an example of Hidden Persuaders? Are we being seduced by subliminal association with sex? Is there some naming anarchist working in the Branding industry? Or just some bizarre accident of fate?

It may change how we start keywording our terms for mobile phone images. Is this a Trojan horse in stock images of mobile phones? In the meantime here is Des Traynor’s remarkable naming/data table.


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