Multiple-Choice Movie

Looks like someone made the wrong selection. From Land Rover interactive campaign 


The latest Land Rover interactive invites you to choose your own movie.


The downside with using multiple-choice storylines such as that for Land Rover’s the Pulse of The City campaign is that  whatever choice you make, you feel you missed out on something better in the other storyline. Directed by Nick Gordon with interactive by LessRain, the choices the viewer makes at each point translates into a type of  Range Rover. It’s surprisingly involving, though the logic used to map your choices in the story to the kind of car you get is pretty arbitrary.  Which is the difficulty with this kind of multiple-choice interactive marketing. Very compelling but because it’s a random choice, your connection with the brand product can also feel a little random. Multiple-choice interactives in advertising can seem pretty arbitrary, unless that is, the choice involves a bear, a tent and a hunter in which case it all makes complete sense.


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