This Is Insano!!!


From digital agency Pmweb ad for the Insano water slide

Remember those water slides when you were a kid? The rush of fear and adrenalin as you stood on the top, at the edge, the little shiver? Well here’s a water slide that will really make you shiver. And that’s just the image in the advert!

This ad really makes us feel “It’s Summer” Summer with a big, fat, capital ‘S’! Beach Park, a water park in Brazil that according to the Guinness book of Records has the biggest water slide in the world – 41 metres high! The Beach Park site says that people sliding down Insano reach speeds of 105kmh/65mph.

Digital agency Pmweb sent out a mailer that gives you vertigo just scrolling down. One can only imagine the impact. Keep hold of those swimming trunks!

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