Incidentally: The End of Trophy Moments

Poster for Tree of Life
Posters for YouTube’s movie Life In A Day and for Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life highlight our current obsession with life’s incidental detail

For most of us,  because photography was expensive it used to be about life’s Trophy Moments – special occasions, holidays, romances. Now we take so many images and graze so many images we are developing new kinds of visual pleasures. We love the random and incidental detail in our photos. And photography as a way of mapping out a life in significant, ‘trophy” moments that we collect, is changing.


Posters for the YouTube movie Life In A Day (directed by Kevin McDonald) and for Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life capture this sense of life as a collection of moments, of details that are all equally meaningful in their relevance and irrelevance. Photography is beginning to catch up with how we really remember things – incidental things like smell and taste transport us very viscerally back to a specific time and place.


The wealth of photography we have access to is opening up a fascinating world of incidental detail and our cinematic, advertising and design culture is starting to make sense of this shift. Interesting times.


Life In A Day Film Poster. Director Kevin McDonald and Producer Ridley Scott


Cinema stock photos from Image Source.



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