Why An Image Works #2: Beyond Beauty


Christopher Robbins

This classic Beauty image delivers a whole lot more to clients. Creative Manager Denise Taylor-Secretan explains how this image by photographer Christopher Robbins captures essential concepts for a wide range of business sectors

We know the idea and image of Beauty is a powerful advertising tool, the cosmetics and fashion industry are built around the visual codes of Beauty.  In stock photography, the Beauty image has broader commercial applications, and a good stock image has a variety of potential uses across different business sectors.

Take for example the image by Christopher Robbins above. A classic image of Beauty, but what gives it commercial quality is the variety of concepts it expresses: power, strength, individuality, technology, innovation and the future.

It’s the angular look of the model, the leaning forward ready-for-action; the reflective sheen of the light on the body; the improvisation of the string holding the hair together the lighting which lends a grey metallic glow framing the model.

Each of these elements, or a combination of them signal concepts bigger than the idea of Beauty. While the image is bold, distinct and singular in its emotional power, and the same time it speaks to a broad and diverse audience.  The image is a canvas with enough creative room for the client to work their own story into it.


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