HBO Hyper-Edit

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Here We Come promo for HBO
New HBO Spring Season promo is a fast-edit fest

HBO have released two promos for their forthcoming Spring season, which includes clips from the gangsterism of Boardwalk Empire to the medieval fantasy Game of Thrones to the sci-fi of Inception. But most of all it’s the strikingly fast edits of the promo that grab the eye.  D. Eric Franks who writes the creative/tech site Videopia wrote in a paper that the average shot length of 1933 movie Madame Bovary was 22.8 seconds per shot, while in The Bourne Supremacy it was 2.4 seconds. OK, so the HBO Here We Come promo only runs at 1 minute 32. Even so, the hugely impressive narrative occasionally resembles a hyperactive strobe. Like the 100 meters race which some experts argue has a human limit of 9.26 to 9.60 seconds, is there an edit speed beyond which the human brain can process? The  Miami Vice Award goes to the reader with the best example of effective use of fast-edits in a movie?


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