Having A Blast: Tate Britain And Creative Review

Jacob Epstein at Tate Britain

Exploring Tate Britain’s new exhibition ‘The Vorticists’ at the Creative Review Tweet-up


“Blast!” or “Bless!” as early 20th Century Art movement the Vorticists might have shouted or tweeted if they were around today, as they were quite partial to new technology and new forms of expression. A different group of like-minded knowledge seekers gathered together for Creative Review’s TweetUp in collaboration with Tate Britain.


As part of the collaboration, Creative Review set up a Tumblr for their readers to submit their Blast/Bless designs from which two were chosen for an exclusive poster given away on the night. All embodied the Vorticist style, values and stayed true to the radical manifesto edited by Wyndham Lewis. View the Tumblr here


With free reign to view the exhibition, it was clear that this movement was so far ahead of its time. Amongst the amazing paintings and illustrations was perhaps a lesser known Vorticist who was a photographer. Alvin Langdon Coburn, having met fellow American Ezra Pound became a ‘Vortographer’. Using mirrors attached to his camera lens he created what is thought to be the first abstract photograph.


Rest assured, we will have more to follow on Coburn as we delve a little deeper into his work. In the meantime thanks Creative Review and Tate Britain for the opportunity to view the exhibition. And doesn’t Jacob Epstein’s sculpture look like a refugee from a Star Wars movie?


The Vorticists is at the Tate Britain until 4th September 2011. To find out more click here





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