Facebook’s Image Scrapbooking

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Facebook Timeline App
A new app from Facebook, a kind of digital scrapbooking that pulls images into a Timeline, leverages images in building deep connections

Facebook’s new range of apps will help Advertisers target users, Ad Age cites sources reporting that Facebook will generate $3.8 billion from advertising this year. Yet the app which is most likely to generate a more intense attachment to the brand, and keep them ‘Liking’, is the new image-based Timeline app.


With cheaper image technology,  the last decade has seen digital scrapbooking take off.  According to one industry survey, retail sales in the scrapbooking industry was $2.55 billion in 2004. Projected sales for 2011 were $1.45 billion, and its digital that has filled that gap.


Facebook’s Timeline wants a part of this, and thankfully, unlike some previous improvements gives you the chose as to what appears in your scrapbook (so no,  “Aww, there’s the first time I drank too much and photocopied my cheeks at the Christmas office party.”)


Apparently the Facebook app enables you to fill in any ‘gaps’ to your Timeline, and the ‘Polaroid’ nostalgia-fest of the promo is certainly inspiring. When your children throw skeptical glances when you recount your college sporting prowess, ‘lost’ photos of that ‘winning’ hoop in the college finals can easily be recreated on your Instagram app with a wig and some creative Photoshop.



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