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The Vinyl Factory’s curation of audio-visual immersive pieces at 180 The Strand each send their own message, of intrigue, of retrospection and of broadening the mind. Our first look is at the A/V artwork of Ryoki Ikeda – Test Pattern.

Credit: Hannah Zeffert

Immerse yourself in the steady beat of Ikeda’s monochrome lit world. An intense yet dream like interaction married with an industrial soundtrack of data samples that allows you to draw focus on patterns and rhythms. Enter into a dark room with a white floor filled with shoeless people, sitting, standing, recording – setting the stage for a strobe lit show. A fractured soundtrack plays out on a loop, partnered with the iteration of linear light.

Ryoji Ikeda – Test Pattern

Disorientate yourself for as long as the mind allows and after, don your shoes and venture out for more  audio-visual immersive pieces in Everything at Once at the Lisson Gallery.

Tatsuo Miyajima explores the boundaries of time in our existence with his piece ‘Time Waterfall’ and Susan Hillier’s work ‘Channels’ takes on a similar narrative,  hers a story of those who have experienced death but returned to tell the tale.

Tatsuo Miyajima – Time Waterfall

Susan Hillier – Channels

Meander up the staircase past the work of Lawrence Weiner, to the roof to find a cinema room.

Lawrence Weiner

On loop here is a highly emotive piece by Arthur Jafa – Love is the Message, the Message is Death to the soundtrack of Kanye West’s, Ultralight Beam.

The footage delves into the history of American black culture, from creativity and heroism to stark violence and racial inequality, a focus on the mainstream media, America and it’s relationship with black identity. It is an emotionally charged and raw sequence, accompanied by the gospel lyrics of Ultralight Beam – “this is a God dream, this is everything. Deliver us serenity, deliver us peace, deliver us loving”.

Arthur Jafa – Love is the Message, the Message is Death


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