Einstein’s Iconic Tongue Explained

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Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Buenos Aires for Sony
So, we can shoot panoramic and fit more into the picture. But a witty campaign from Sony featuring Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe begs the question, does that make it better?

The Inspiration Room has just posted a Sony campaign for their Cyber-Shot camera which can shoot panoramic images. The campaign remixes a couple of classic images from photographic history. The famous image of Einstein’s tongue shot by UPI photographer Arthur Sasse in 1951, and Marilyn Monroe’s iconic smile photo, taken at the home of Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh in 1956 are humorously extended.


The panorama image reveals a series of astonishing backstories explaining for example, how Einstein’s tongue was sticking out simply because (the new visual evidence reveals) he was licking envelopes in an attempt to win a prize from a cereal-box promotion.


It’s a funny set of images that also raises an important question in the current panoramic images trend. Is bigger and wider necessarily better? Einstein’s tongue and Marilyn’s smile are perfect visual shorthand. More visual context, more information can confuse what we want to say with a picture. In these images the wider image reveals a kind of chaos. The creative eye is in the edit. What do you think?


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