Cute-A-Rama: Top 5 Cute Ads


A puppy in a photobooth. Cute Plus Tech. Thanks Samsung!

As the latest ISM Briefing, Cute 22, is released, we have submerged ourselves in the sugariest, heart-meltingy, puppyesque ads we could find. And here are The Top 5

Advertising is currently sampling, multiplying, and magnifying cute in all sorts of kittenlike ways. Celebrating the launch of our ISM Briefing Cute 22 here are five recent megacute ads.

1. IKEA Kittens

The sheer scale of cuteness let  loose in a furnishings warehouse. Meeow!

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2. Andrex Puppy Outtake

In the UK, the Andrex puppy gas been a benchmark of cute as he plays with toilet tissue, causing chaos in a cute kind of way with puppy playfulness. This set of outtakes raises the bar. Take that IKEA Kittens!

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3. Cute Panda Goes Vigilante

How to use cute to your advantage. Nature’s stylist did the award-winning work on the Panda, those doleful eyes, nice job Mother Nature! But watch out, Panda’s no pushover.

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4. How Much Cute Is Enough?

Sometimes you can never be quite sure what’s enough Cute and what’s not quite enough. So better be safe and include, kittens, puppies, hamsters and a mock-evil hedgehog who is a cutie-pie. It’s for a mobile phone screen, you see. You don’t? Just watch…

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5. Dad gets advice from an expert

Baby talk is always cute, Diddums.

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To discover more about the Cute trend, download the latest ISM Briefing Cute 22


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