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From Fujifilm advert
Intense, powerful advert featuring top Japanese photographers for Fujifilm’s new retro-look camera

The look of the Fujifilm FinePix X100 was designed to appeal to photographers said Adrian Clarke Fujifilm to the British Journal of Photography when they had a play with the new camera. “The retro design look is just perfect, and, as Adrian Clarke of Fujifilm told us earlier this week, was a conscious choice to appeal to professional photographers – the initial design for the X100 was too “futuristic,” Clarke told us, and engineers had to go back to the drawing board.”



In the meantime Hypebeast posted this ad for the camera featuring Japanese photographers such as Daido Moriyama and Nobuyoshi Araki who have made groundbreaking documentary imagery with unequalled intensity. The video below contains some sexuality.


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A translation, we can’t confirm its quality, was provided by a youtube user ‘partypao’

0:06 – Like a Stray dog, I take pictures here and there

0:18 – If you call a photograph a record, I say It’s more of a memory

0:27 – The story, Someday will be gone

0:31 – But the memory will remain forever

0:35 – The by-gone days will be felt close-by

0:44 – A Picture, those who take, and those taken through the work of the lens,

0:50 – furthermore, add the camera, That is a threesome right?

1:08 – I wonder If this world is just a graveyard

1:27 – I wonder if Im still alive.


Thanks Hypebeast


Retro is in, Futurism is out! See the images that are driving the trend for Retro images and retro living


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