Commuters Snap “Crush” Photos

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Tubecrush posts photos of desirable men taken on the London Underground. Hirsute is still a happening look

You’ve been on the subway, you’ve seen a face across carriage. Hot. But all you’ve got is the memory, the image in your mind when you close your eyes. No longer. Tubecrush is a website that captures that moment of underground desire, asking travelers on the London Underground to post their images of “hot guys.”



It’s a fascinating snapshot of what is currently regarded as “attractive”, by both men and women it seems.  And what’s “hot” unsurprisingly often resembles a fashion spread. Like the male on The Central Line (headline, ‘I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt”) who gets a rating of 737, with one commenter posting “OMG! EPIC VOGUE!!1”


Some of the guys look as if they might know they are being photographed. And there’s a note on the site saying that if anyone objects to their image being shown, it will be taken down. But it’s all done with good humour and no little style.

And what about the keywords? “Stubble” vies with “Classically Good Looks”


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