Color Trend: Color Coding


OK Go promo.

Brands are going color mad, creating stories that are pulled together with color

Awash with info, advertisers are looking to cut through the datawash. Sony Bravia’s TV ads have moved away from colored bouncing balls, but not that far. The spot, The Color of Sport, flags up some Olympics sports seen through the filter of color. As your parents used to say, it’s not about the winning or the losing – it’s about the color of your shorts. Interesting heads-up on how brands are re-contextualising images of the Olympics.

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Then there’s J.C. Penney who have handily broken down the calendar months into colors, here’s April with some color coded house and gentle greens and blues.

[vimeo clip_id=” 39657271″ width=”600″ height=”385″]

And then there’s OK Go, a band obsessed with patterns and systems. Here’s a promo for their song Skyscrapers. The promois a tango. In black, red, cerise, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple and white.

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Color coding is the new storytelling.


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