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TNW (The Next Web) Report on 10 Brands Using Instagram

Brands are using  Instagram to explore the power of photography to connect with consumers

Instagram has grown beyond a niche cult, with over 4 million members. Companies who place image and photography at the heart of their business, are seeing it an opportunity to use photography to really connect with customers, from Jamie Oliver (re: food photography) to Burberry, to Threadless. For a generation growing up with smartphone cameras and image sharing sites, photography is now the default fast media for sharing information, ideas and emotions in a single, quick, powerfully engaging  hit. 

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  1. Great interview! It was enlightening to see the creative relationship between photographer and retoucher but also to hear what Peter thinks might happen in the future. I definitely think that retouching a moving image is going to be the thing to watch in the next few years!

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