Blogspot: Carl Warner’s Human Landscapes

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Liverpool born Carl Warner is an advertising photographer best known for his “Your Meat Needs Colman’s” advert. His work consists of photographing landscapes using non-functional media to create the sets which are the subject of his images.



‘Otherscapes’ was a project that was created using the same principles as ‘Foodscapes’. Warner hired models who he set against a sky-like background, and then by making them contort their bodies into angular positions, he was able to give them the appearance of desert landscapes. Each model was photographed individually to give the idea “that a body that is lived in becomes a place to live.” He then digitally pieced the photos together to create the final landscapes.


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Jess is the Creative Intern at Image Source. She is an aspiring photographer who is currently studying Art, History of Art and Geography in her final year of school. Her interests include painting, drawing, photography and dressmaking.

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