Beckham: Footballer, Father, Photographer?

David Beckham

Should Beckham give up the day job and become a photographer? It appears he’s got more than just a shot on the goal post


Today they’ve announced the arrival of a new baby girl, Harper Seven, but should they also be celebrating Beckhams new future as a photographer? The image was posted on David Beckhams’ Facebook account prior to the birth and shows Victoria Beckham sunbathing.


Did we ever think we’d be captioning a Beckham image? Probably not, but what strikes us with this image is how strangely professional the composition is, even with an air of Mapplethorpe about it. So what makes it work so well? Composition for starters, whilst shooting it in black and white was a great choice to make use of the strong, natural light casting dark angular shadows. To add to this, he even manages to inject a beautifully simplistic Futuristic style to the image making use of all shades of grey…


Will he become another celebrity-turned-photographer? Who knows, but he’s certainly got an eye (and a foot) for a great shot and there are sure to be a million eyes on his Facebook or Twitter pages waiting for the first image of the new baby. We can only hope its as good as this or we’ll have to eat our words.



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