Beards Sell ‘Man’ Things


Is the muscle-bound, clean-shaven male of advertising just too anonymous, too corporate, or simply lacking personality? Whatever the case, “Man With Beard” has suddenly become the sign of “true”  masculinity in a range of  current TV ads. Manly, but not too vain, shaggy and carefree, eccentric and independent-minded, “Man With Beard” is the hot model choice of the moment to sell real ‘man’ products. Beards signal “man-wisdom.” We have curated below the finest examples of facial hair currently used to sell man-stuff

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A beard of bees beats any beard we’ve seen

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Budweiser ‘The Big Game’
Just because he’s got a beard doesn’t mean he’s not in touch with his feminine side…  











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Ogilvy NY / Sports Net NY
Man hair means a man who loves sport  











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Dead Famous / Vancouver Craft Beer Week
Men who love Flashdance love beer, obviously  











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Bombardier Beer ‘Bang On’
It’s a beard and ‘tache combo that makes him all man  











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Skittles ‘Long Beard’
OK, so we sneaked this one in: It’s a blast from the past with beard that even ZZ Top can’t match

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