AOP Award Winners Announced


Julia Fullerton-Batten, Best In Category Commissioned Advertising Series, Breast Cancer Charity

As ever, the AOP showcased some thrilling photography in its awards show

The haunting, quietly-moving photographic series by Julia Fullerton-Batten for a Breast Cancer Charity (above) was one of the winners in last night’s AOP awards.  The diversity of work on show was a remarkable testament to the singular vision of the photographers whose images were celebrated at show held at the University of Westminster. In the Commissioned Advertising Single category alone, the work ranged from winner Richard Seymour’s steely, skeletal industrial space,

Photographer, Richard Seymour

to Arjan Benning’s spooky nude,

Photographer, Arjan Benning

to Dan Prince’s oblique portrait of a boy taking his own portrait with a phone (also on Image Source)

Photographer, Dan Prince

AOP President Simon Leach reflected on the quality of this year’s show,  “the work displays very high standards of craft skills and technical ability which combine to create really beautiful images. To me that’s what the best photography is about…to drive us to excel and improve in our own work.”

For the full list visit the AOP here

Photographer Robert Wilson, Best in Category, Commissioned Editorial Series


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